Strawberry Ghosts

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In the mist of my heart, a bittersweet refrain,
A Memory of love, like a glass of wine, remains.
A once cherished bond, now lost in time,
Broken promises, like shattered glass, chime.

Till the end of evers we onced vowed,
But those whispers have withered, like a fading rhyme,
Sweet like your lips, bitter like wine
A tear and a tear can cast our hearts

In the quiet corners of my mind, your presence lingers on,
A silhouette of what was lost, a melody now gone.
Leaving behind a faded tale, a love undone
All those words are now but a distant song

Amnesia veils a memory's trance,
I embrace the unknown, take a chance,
For as I let go of what once defined,
I'll find a brighter path, a love redefined.


Milky Chance. "Glass of wine." Trip Tape II, 2022.
Love letters that I never sent.

- Strawberry Ghosts

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  • Short sleeve regular fit tee
  • 100% Cotton, 155gsm
  • Unisex. 
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