"Glimpse of Us"

Strawberry Ghosts

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"Glimpse of Us"

There once was a glimpse of you and I.
A glimpse that became us.
Not of you, not of me, not of anyone else.
A glimpse of us.

I found the sadness of a broken heart when you looked into my eyes and you couldn’t see yourself.
You thought my eyes were love blind, when in reality they were love bound.

To me there was only you,
but your eyes wouldn't let you see it.
Tied with a purple ribbon, our love; I thought was perfect.
Perfect doesn't mean that it's working.
I hope one day you will see yourself through my eyes, and see how we were bound to loving each other.
I long for the day our eyes will let us see another glimpse of us.


Joji. "Glimpse of Us." Smithereens, 2022.
A chapter of my life story.
Love letters that I never sent.

- Strawberry Ghosts

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  • Short sleeve oversize tee
  • 100% Cotton, 240gsm
  • Unisex oversize fit. 
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