"Lover's Love"

Strawberry Ghosts

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"Lover's Love"

We are sat in a little theatre inside our hearts,
Within me, within you, within us.
Hands clasped to each other,
Anticipating the great play of us that is about to unfold,
Spectating our falling in love.

Shaped like a romantic overthought drama, a happy tragedy or a melancholic ballet.
A love strong enough to be gentle,
A love capable of loving like a million hearts would,
A love with a heart of gold.

We feel emotions so intense that leave us with nothing, but to hug them in,
and hug them out.
We saw we cried, we see we smile.
The play never ends, in the little theatre inside our hearts.


Tom Misch. "Movie." Geography, 2018.
Love letters that I never sent.

- Strawberry Ghosts

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  • Oversize black hoodie
  • 82% Cotton %18 Polyester
  • Unisex oversize fit.  
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