"Rainfall of Love Stories"

Strawberry Ghosts

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"Rainfall of Love Stories"

Beneath the umbrella's grace, they find,
A secret haven, love intertwined.
In the moon's soft and quiet night,
Their love blossoms, a symphony of fright.

Yet shadows dance, secrets unfold,
Promises broken, a story retold.
Betrayal whispers, a chilling gale,
Innocence fades, love turns pale.

The rain falls harder, drops of you and me,
A tempest rages, dark yet free,
Beneath the umbrella, where love's whispers fear,
A love tale weaves itself in the silent language of tears.

For love is a journey, with shades untold,
Moments of joy, and stories unfold.
Under the umbrella, where two hearts convene,
Their story painted in drops, on a gray gloomy screen.


Tim Burton, "Sweeney Todd", 2007.
Love letters that I never sent.

- Strawberry Ghosts

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  • Short sleeve oversize tee
  • 100% Cotton, 240gsm
  • Unisex oversize fit. 
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